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4 min readOct 27


AI Art — NightCafe Studio


Most people, don’t have it figured out yet.

Let that thought, sink in for a minute.





Still with me? Want you to suspend your disbelief for a minute or two.

What in the world is going on here? Just for a minute; and, bear with me on this for a minute. What if the system, is not malfunctioning, and all of this nonsense going on in the world; was planned from the start? Would you still worry about it like you do? What if you had lived this life before, and this wasn’t the first time, that you had been through this nonsense?

Would you be as bored, as i am?

Real People Matter

The people who matter, are the real people in this world. Most people that are really pretty fake, don’t think much; and avoid thinking much at all. They let, someone else think for them. They avoid thinking much at all.

And, really that is best. Why? because the fake people here, lack the fiber, to really think for themselves. It is best, someone else think for them. Real people, those who can think, and have proof they think; are real people.

Pretty tired, of the fake people in this world. Long to get back to a time, when real people that exist, are back where they should be. Also, I long for some real time, alone and being autonomous from this system for a while.

Want to get my head back in a good place and spend some time to consider the points that have been made. Want to do that, before I make up mind about any of this nonsense. And, really want to be open to some of the ideas, because its possible to see both sides of the equation.

The World Is A Mess

Who can think with the world like it is? Can you think a thought, to it’s completion, and still get good answers? Want to be away from this whole thing, and give ample thought about what i think that is known. Then come back, and make some good choices, about the way things are going to be; while still giving consideration to what others want and need.

You Can Be Certain

Want a new system in place. My ideal situation would be having two systems, that are both autonomous from each other, and being able to move freely between the two systems. Some things that I’ve thought; however I’m not certain about the workings of those things yet.

Would want good results, on both systems, and having both system that work like they should. In the event both systems have to work together, we are going to want to have real peace on both systems, at the same time.

It might require two systems. Wouldn’t want to try it with just one. That would be a really bad idea, in the event there are really two system that are working together. You should think about this, for a long time.

AI Art — NightCafe Studio

Factory Defaults

In the event, that the results are not to my liking; my main objective; is going to be to reset the system, to factory defaults; and start over from the beginning. While taking the work I’ve done with me, and having learned from my mistakes.

Want results, that work. And want a new system in place. Tired of this mess of a world, and the problems here. This system, seems like a failure mostly. Some parts of it, have been a success. But maybe we would like something with a big brass bell, that really goes pop!

Want a better world, where people love each other more than the things that they have. Tired of the problems with this system, and it seems like things are more hassle than they are worth. A lot of people, even the fake people; are very unhappy with the results.

Want some love

There is something that I’ve said.

A good joke is one that you laugh, twice as long as the joke was told. Waiting for the punch line? Would like to have a good laugh, and start with a new slate.