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Life is meant to be lived.

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2 min readNov 3, 2023
AI Art — NightCafe Studio

An Idea

This is a wild idea. It may be a wild hair brained idea. Not sure if it would be a good idea. But the thought made me happy.

The Story

Somewhere in Colorado, is a cemetery that has been in use for ten centuries. There are over fifty headstones in this cemetery. That isn’t the part you wouldn’t believe. Here is the kicker, the person buried in this cemetery is all the same person; who has lived all those lives.

The centuries pass, and the man lives and dies. And sometimes he is even born as a lady. Rest assure, there is only one person buried in this cemetery. There are however, over a hundred head stones in there. The names are all different, and some of the tombstones even have:

Killed by rock and roll

on the headstone. When I go, just put death by rock and roll on my headstone. If the cemetery is all my body; in different lives, then the whole cemetery is for me.

Next Door To The Cemetery

Next door to the cemetery is a museum. With a library of all the book he has written, the art he had made, and the history of his lives. That would be wild. You wouldn’t believe it. How in the world, did that happen?


Its just an idea. It did make me smile a little. After thinking about it; it would be better to live one life, that is four or five eons long, and still do all the stuff that I want to do. However, the best outcome would be to keep life after death, a dark secret. So this wouldn’t be a good idea. It did make me laugh a little. It would be funny, maybe someday as a prank, I will make a graveyard like this, and run a tour for it. I’m far too bored.