The Last Day Of Scorpio Season

Light, in all the right places.

My Digital Chaos
2 min readNov 21, 2023
AI Art — NightCafe Studio


It’s been brutal. The last 30 days; have worn on my nerves. Looking for some relief, that feels like relief.


Don’t wear, Tuesday’s socks on a Monday. That will screw the whole day up. Don’t you think it wouldn’t? Who can say. The only thing that I can say now, after having taken my socks off, and put them back on; I didn’t do it. Not today at least. That is good news.

Today has just felt off to me, like the whole day I was feeling something that was under my skin, waiting to strangle me. Tired of feeling this way. Maybe, Tuesday; will treat me better? One can hope.

I’m wearing thin these days. My nerves are frayed, and I’m showing signs of wear and tear. Wish that things, would change for me. I was thinking last night (Sunday night) and felt like there was some peace, and like i had cleared the whole matter up in my head. And today; just came out of nowhere, and hit me like a ton of bricks. Hmm…

Deal With It

Guess, the only thing that a person can do, is deal with it. Sometimes, you just have to suck it up, and let go of the shit, that is hurting you. Some people, say thinking is painful. There is a real reason for that. Most people, aren’t supposed to think. It is better, for them that way.

I’ve done some serious thinking, for a long time. You wouldn’t believe the pain, that I’ve endured to make it possible. Like, I wonder; if you could read it without hurting your head. One must wonder. . .

Sometimes, you have to go in small doses. Because if the whole, idea; where to hit hit you all at once, it would blow your mind out. Then you would be left, picking up the pieces, and trying to make them work again.

Wish that people, were reading my work. Maybe it is still, too painful for them, to stand to read, the whole thing? I don’t know. Maybe. . .

I’m awful lonely. The way things are. Have to deal with it. You know, suck it up, and deal with it. Despite, how it hurts me. Doesn’t seem, anyone gives a shit; this causes me pain.