The World, Is A Mess!

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My Digital Chaos
2 min readNov 8, 2023
AI Art — NightCafe Studio

The Problem:

Seems, like this world; is hosed. Maybe I’m wrong about it? It would be nice to believe; there is hope to save this world. That the wrongs can be set right, and the problems would be solved. It is a good idea. What is true?

It’s enough to make you feel crazy. Like just going out in the world; is too much for most people these days. Most people, it seems don’t like each other much. And, I have to wonder; if they even like themselves?

I’ve been thinking. I do that.

Wouldn’t it be great, to be young; and live in a world; that doesn’t have illness, or disease? If those things could be done away with, and phased out. The problem is: The same thinking that created the problems; won’t solve the problems. You have to get real serious about finding a cure; that works like it should.

Want Some Cures

The way things are. The world, needs to be cleansed. A good hot bath, would do a lot for this world. People could benefit from that. Want peace in my life. Want some new dream, that I can live; in peace.

Want life better. People don’t listen, read, or think. Pity.

Want some fun. Have to live.