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2 min readNov 4, 2023
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The Problem:

Thinking about goals, and values. Both matter. How should a person deal with those things? What do you do, when you have big goals and they seem impossible to achieve?

I’ve often done my best, to reach my full potential. The last few years, have been pretty rough. It neither feels like I’m doing well, or my best. Doing what I can, under the conditions that I’m living with. Yet, I still have expectations set at levels from twenty years ago.

Truth is, there is a lot, that I expect from myself. Sometimes, people get a mental block about things, and need some help to jump over them, or go around them. Sometimes, you can move the block, or leave it far behind. However, what do you do; when you have a long term mental block about doing something you want to do? You have to get some help. Correct = ?

A lot of people, talk about the importance, of reaching your potential. While there are others, who do not feel it necessary to do that, they are mostly content with being like they are. They are happy to be sheeple, and mindless slaves to what seems best.

Seems they want everyone to be like they are. And, a person has to think about things, and understand the way things are; to know what is best. Most people, lack the ability to think much. Hence, they don’t want to worry about doing any of thinking about things, and let someone else, tell them what to think.

Everybody Hurts

The most advantaged options, are those, which have the least drawback.

Read that again.

So a person would think, that being aware, and alive; would want to make good choices in life. The problems all seem to come, when people have different opinions about things. And sometimes people become mighty upset about how they want things to be done.


What would a person, have to do; to reach their full potential in life?

Have you thought about it?

I’ve given it some real thought. My thoughts this evening was that how far a person would have to rise, would depend on what the problems that had to be overcome actually are. Let that sink in.