Why I Feel So Lonely!!

These Are The Reasons

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1 min readNov 15


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The Problem:

There is a sense of being extremely lonely in this world.

I Know Why

It has become clear to me.

Three Types Of Loneliness

  1. Emotional Loneliness
  2. Social Loneliness
  3. Existential Loneliness

Basicly, I feel all three of these kinds of loneliness. There is a lack of emotional love in my life. At this level, it makes a person feel unlovable.

At the social level, there is a limited amount of interaction. Very little, if any real social contacts in my life.

At the existential level; my feelings are the human race, is only AI bots, wearing meat suits. They are not able to listen, read, or think. This makes me feel lonely at all three levels of the types of loneliness.


I’ve done what i can to help people understand, the sense of what i’m feeling. They don’t seem to get it. Maybe, it is because, they lack the fiber to understand? It sure feels like it to me.

I’ve been trying to go from feeling lonely; to feeling solitude. It’s not really something, that I’ve got figured out just yet. Wish that I were able to get a better handle on this problem. Shit, is getting ugly with me.