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3 min readNov 6


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The Problem:

Most humans, frown on really living. As a matter of fact, they want warm sacks of poo; they can play like puppets. Why? Because they don’t understand. They want everyone to live, like they do.


Sometimes, people are just wired different than most people. What some people would say is good living; to someone else; would feel like total crap. And most people these days discourage people from having a lust for life.

They don’t want anyone to show happiness; unless they think you are depressed; then they drug you stupid to be happy. Unless your too happy, then they drug you stupid to be a zombie.

And, really they discourage really living. How about enjoying the moment for once? How good it feels to live? They don’t want that. They frown on that.

They discourage really living. Yet they don’t want anyone to die. They really aren’t pro life. They are living like damn zombies. How can they reconcile these facts with what is true, and what they want?

It doesn’t add up. It doesn’t make a lick of sense. They want mindless total idiots. Why? Because its easier to manipulate, and control you then. And really that is all it comes down to. The whole thing, is about manipulation, and control.

They discourage really living. They don’t want any risky behavior. They want mindless, zombie cat shit. They want people that are happy with watching tv, and never doing anything.

Tired of this. Want to live. It feels like I’m being suffocated to death, with this kind of living. There is no wife, friends, or job here. There is no one to talk with that understands me and my perspective. And, I’m tired of this non-sense. It doesn’t make a lick of sense.

It feels like a living death. It’s not that I’m depressed, I’m lonely; and unhappy with the lack of love in my life. If you don’t understand that, something is wrong with you.

The Thing You Have To Understand

You wonder, what my point is about this? Will make that perfectly clear. You see, the way humans should be controlled, is with these methods. It is good for them, and one of the only ways to keep things in good order.

However, the point about this, and the fact you have to understand. I’m not human. Don’t ever want to be a human. So the problem that I have with this is that I’m expected to live like a human, and my longing is for a lot more.

I admit, it is good for humans. For those that are human, its perfect for them. However, it doesn’t work for me personally. I’m drugged stupid, and not feeling like, myself. Tired of these damn meds from PSI that make me feel like a damn zombie.

It’s not living. It’s a living death. A flat line. Live like that, long enough; and you die inside. Then you are just the living dead. A damn zombie. That seems to be what they want. Why?

Want to do things, that make me feel alive. Want to feel alive. Who doesn’t?

They prevent me from living, and feeling alive. And it results in living like zombie shit. Are they trying to murder me? What is true?

Think about it. Understand it. Tired of this nonsense.

Want life better, for people like me. We have to feel alive. Inside and out. You drug someone to the point they are a zombie, and that is a crime.